Ghana Muslim Welfare Centre

We're a community, a charity with a mosque & welfare centre
About us

Ghana Muslim Welfare Centre

The Ghana Muslim Welfare Centre (GMWC) is a UK based Islamic Organisation whose membership is open to and drawn from all Ghanaian Muslims in the United Kingdom.

The GMWC has three functions;

  1. a Mosque, 
  2. a Community
  3. a Charity.

The GMWC recognised that its members as Muslims cannot function effectively without a Mosque at the helm of its affairs, and so is the case, a Mosque cannot survive without the community it is serving. To drive the maximum benefit and recognition from the State, the GMWC is registered as a charity to help it serve both the Mosque and Community needs of its members.

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GMWC is open for Islamic education and training of our younger ones.


We organise inclusive events for families & Children

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Influencing the way people, organisations, and movements think and act.
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