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Ghana Muslim Welfare Centre


GMWC runs the Seven Sister Masjid which serves as a place of worship and a source of advice and support for Muslims in Tottenham and London in general.


Our mosque is open for Muslims of all backgrounds, race and nationality as well as sects and denominations.  We work with other mosques and local community groups to ensure a safer and better Tottenham from which Muslims and non-Muslims can mutually benefit.


We provide Islamic guidance and counselling services in the areas of marriage, divorce, naming ceremonies and bereavements.


We raise funds through members’ charitable donations to purchase and expand the current building we occupy as Mosque and welfare Centre at Lawrence yard.


As a community of faith, GMWC invites and encourage all Ghanaian Muslims in the United Kingdom to join the GMWC and actively participate in its activities in order to contribute their talents and expertise for the benefits of all Muslims.

We have created an environment best for the up-bringing of our children that would make them aware of their cultural heritage and traditions both as Muslims and Africans.

We support and promote Islamic awareness programmes in the UK for the benefit of our members and the public.

We support and maintain the authority structures established by our elders and predecessors which are aimed at preserving our history and traditions as African Muslims.

We promote and encourage members to value education in all its essence, support their children to acquire the best education so that they could become good British Muslim citizens.

We work with other Muslim communities and organisations in the UK as well as abroad to share ideas and experiences for our mutual benefits.


As a registered Charity, the GMWC works to safeguard and protect the interest of the Mosque, Community and the Charity.


We provide a platform and mechanism for effective decision making for matters affecting the Mosque, Community and charity.


We monitor and ensure that the general objectives of the GMWC project is successful.


We also ensure that all the activities of the Mosque and charity conform with the law of the land to the best of the Executive Committee’s knowledge and understanding.


We aspire to be a shining example for other Muslim communities in UK or abroad.

Imam Sheikh Abdul Razak

Shiekh Abdul Razak has been leading our religious affairs for over seven years and had served as our deputy Imam prior to his appointment. 


Imam has studied in Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Russia.


“As the Imam of the masjid, I’m committed to leading and supporting this community in line with the teachings of the Quran and the Sunna of our beloved Prophet Muhammed ﷺ.’

Our Leadership

Below are the our leaders.

Abubakar Suleiman

Chairman GMWC

Mohamed Abdullah Jallo

Vice Chairman

Mohammed Sani


Abdul Wahid Hussaini


Alhaji Mohammed Haidara


Sarki Saleh Baba Toure


Alh Ahmad Sanusi Marafa


Ibrahim Abdul Kadir


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